Bell tent peg sets, Tipi - Steel V- Profile pegs




PEG IT - Steel V-profile pegs, set, bell tent peg 200x18 mm

Replacement Tent, camping and outdoor accessories

    • Tent peg set consisting of 10 tent pegs. Each ground nail is made of galvanized steel and is used to secure tents, sun sails, tarp, pavilion, sun protection, blinds, guy lines or beach shells.

    • The ground nail has a V-shaped profile. The V-profile of the ground anchor is tapered at the bottom. The herring is 20 cm long and 18mm wide. The high-quality workmanship makes the ground anchor very robust and durable.

    • The tent nail is designed for normal ground conditions. These soils are of normal hardness and have only a few stones and tree roots. This type of soil is often found on campsites with grass and lawns, meadows or on a clearing with few trees.

    • The V-shaped construction method offers a large area that can be anchored firmly in the ground. This gives the tent peg the best possible grip and makes unscrewing almost impossible.

    • The upper end is designed as a hook and prevents the tensioning line from slipping off the tent peg. The use of a camping hammer (rubber hammer) is easily possible with this model. Resistance to impacting the peg is an indication of objects (stones, debris, roots) in the soil. In order to protect the steel nail from damage or bending, a new alignment should then be done.

Main material: Steel, galvanised

Type: Tent peg
Intended purpose: hard and normal ground (stony ground, woods, fields)
Product line: Glamptex Equip
Max. length approx.: 200 mm
Width max. approx.: 18 mm
Further information: 4m, 5m bell or tipi tents

Colors, shapes, designs
Primary colour: silver

GTIN (EAN): 0670541907580
Brand: Glamptex
Item net weight approx.: 0,6kg
Pack size: (LxW) 20x3cm 

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